Technical Information

Technical capabilities and service offerings from LASER 3D include:

2 Axis Laser cutting machines

5 Axis laser cutting

Rotary Cutting


Metal Finishes

Drawing / CAD Specifications

2 Axis laser cutting Machines

3 X Trumpf 5030 6kw
2 X Trumpf 5030 5kw
1 X Trumpf 3050 5kw
2 X Trumpf 3030 3.2kw
1 X Laser Lab Contour 3-axis 2 kw

Maximum sheet size 3050 x 1520mm

Maximum thickness cut:

  • Mild Steel 25mm
  • Stainless steel 25mm
  • Aluminium 15mm
  • Bisalloy 20mm
  • Acrylic 25mm
  • Timber 25mm

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5 Axis laser cutting


1 X Trumpf 1005 Laser cell 5 Axis 3.2kw

Formed metal
  • Stamped metal components
  • Spun metal components
  • Extrusions
Formed plastic
  • Cutting of vacuum formed parts
  • Cutting of moulded plastic components
  • Cutting of fibreglass, kevlar and carbon fibre

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TESTIMONIAL: A much appreciated thanks for speedy despatch on the proto parts. They all went together without too much of a hiccup and worked as designed. I'm VERY impressed again with the quality. John*   

Rotary Cutting

Round Tube

  • Under 100mm diameter = max 9m long
  • Over 100mm diameter Max Length = 2600mm
  • Maximum Diameter = 235mm


RHS: (Rectangular hollow section)
Max thickness

SS: 8mm, MS: 16mm, Alum: 8mm

Under 70mm square, Max length: 9m

Over 70mm square, Max length: 2600mm

Maximum size: 170 x 170 mm




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Press Brakes

  • Maximum folding length of 3 metres
  • Maximum Tonnes 150 tonne

Beyeler: 150T CNC press brake

Trumpf: 100 tonne CNC press brake

Trumpf: 36 tonne high speed CNC press brake


In-house MIG and TIG welding of mild steel

Stainless steel and aluminium TIG - welding




3 Axis HAAS CNC machining centre

LASER 3D services include

  • Tapping
  • Countersinking
  • CNC Machining

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Metal Finishes

LASER 3D works with an experienced, reliable network of powder coaters, hot dip galvanisers, electro platers, electro polishers, wet paints and E-coating specialists. The network is tested, trusted, produces quality product and means you don’t have to spend time sourcing suppliers .



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Drawing / CAD Specifications


We accept drawings in the following file formats:

  • DXF
  • DWG
  • IGES
  • STEP


We work with the following software:

  • e-iTMS
  • AutoCAD
  • IntelliCAD
  • Cadkey
  • SolidWorks
  • Radan
  • ToPs
  • Edgecam
  • PEPS
  • SignLab
  • Plate 'n' Sheet Development
  • NextEngine ScanStudio HD
  • NextEngine ScanStudio HD PRO
  • NextEngine ScanStudio CAD TOOLS

Maximum files size we can receive through Email is 10 MB.

Where CAD drawings are not available, our experienced customer service personnel can draw components to your requirements.

For fast service, all drawings/ files should be emailed directly to your nearest LASER 3D branch:




SA / WA / NT:

Our customer sends much appreciated thanks for (LASER 3D) producing their parts as quickly as you did. They were also very impressed with the quality of the parts. Ian


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