LASER 3D is proud to sponsor the team at UAMT, with their laser cut chassis components for their 2019 competition car.

“The University of Adelaide Motorsport Team is a student run engineering project that designs, builds, tests and races a small single seat race car in the inter-University competition, Formula SAE. Having run with an internal combustion engine since their inception in 2001, in 2018 they are transitioning to a fully electric race car.

Laser 3D has supported the team for many years, most notably with tube notching for their chassis, and countless other parts in areas such as the drivetrain, aerodynamics, suspension and safety systems.

This project gives students from every area of University the ability to get involved with a large and complex project, gaining valuable hands on skills in a competitive environment. With the change to an electric vehicle, the team has faced many new challenges, but have the opportunity to do things not possible with an internal combustion engine. Currently in the midst of construction and testing, the competition in December which is held at Winton Motor Raceway to the north east of Melbourne, will push the team harder than ever before to deliver their most ambitious car to date.”

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