Customer Survey

Ongoing customer surveys ensures LASER 3D maintains superior quality standards throughout every department.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



LASER 3D systems are operated and serviced by experts. LASER 3D's streamlined processes produce quality, consistent and timely product.

Many in the laser cutting industry consider TRUMPF to be the Rolls Royce of laser cutting machines. LASER 3D agrees. That's why LASER 3D is Australia's largest owner of TRUMPH laser cutting machines with 8 TRUMPF lasers.

By working exclusively with TRUMPF and their distributor, Headland Machinery, LASER 3D machines are maintained on a stringent maintenance program. This avoids costly breakdowns guaranteeing LASER 3D customers receive on time, quality product.


TESTIMONIAL: LASER 3D are doing a good job - I wish all our suppliers could be as good


LASER 3D was the first laser job shop in Australia to be accredited with ISO 9000. Today, every department of LASER 3D remains integrated and continues to comply with ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is a family of standards for quality management systems. Maintaining ISO 9001 certification means LASER 3D:

  • Monitors output and maintains quality, with appropriate and corrective action taken whenever necessary.
  • Facilitates continual improvement. This means processes are constantly evaluated and improved in regards to efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

Improvements are based on implementing small changes, rather than the radical changes. Many ideas come from LASER 3D's workers and are easy to implement.

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Customer Survey Results

LASER 3D commissions a third party marketing organisation to complete regular customer surveys. A random selection of customers answer questions on a range of topics including product, service, staff and various areas of their experiences of dealing with LASER 3D.

The survey provides LASER 3D management with a measure of the company’s performance. The feedback shows where customer expectations are being met [or exceeded] and identifies areas that require improvement.

By conducting regular customer surveys, strategies and practises are implemented to ensure customer satisfaction and product offering of LASER 3D continues to be the best that it can be.


The Survey Format

Each question requires customers to rate their experience [on specific topics] as Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average or Very Poor. The latest survey, conducted in December 2011, confirmed LASER 3D customers are a happy and satisfied bunch. LASER 3D is proud to share the results of the survey with you.


Questions asked include: Rating customer service levels, accessibility to support staff, ability to track jobs during manufacture, order and delivery process, promised delivery times verses actual delivery times, resolution of service issues and rating LASER 3D’s ability to meet customer needs.

76% of customers ranked LASER 3D’s service within the excellent/above average categories.

“Meeting customer’s needs” and “ease of accessibility to LASER 3D service staff” both scored highly with excellent/above average replies dominating.


Comment received from LASER 3D customer:  "Not all laser cutters are the same. We changed to LASER 3D because our last supplier kept stuffing up".





Customers were asked to rate the quality of LASER 3D product and to evaluate the range available.

95% of customers place LASER 3D product quality and product availability within the excellent and above average categories.  





Comment received from LASER 3D customer:  "Quality of LASER 3D's parts are excellent".




LASER 3D Staff 

Questions focus on LASER 3D staff's professionalism, product knowledge, experience and problem solving abilities.

Overall, 88% of responses within the service category were in the excellent and above average category.

Professionalism of staff rated excellent with 63%.




Comment received from LASER 3D customer:  "My LASER 3D rep returns calls quickly - no mucking around. Today I received a quote within 20 minutes."




The LASER 3D "Point of difference" 

Points of difference are parameters that help define the reasons customers choose LASER 3D over the competition.

To establish LASER 3D’s true points of difference, no set answers, categories or prompts were provided.

According to customer survey, LASER 3D’s main point of difference is service.

Product, price and quality followed with equal percentages. 



Comment received from LASER 3D customer:  "Service overall is way better than competitors. Rush jobs go through" 




Overall rating for dealing with LASER 3D

Customers were asked to rank their satisfaction of dealing with LASER 3D

64% of customers placed LASER 3D in the excellent / above average categories.



Comment received from LASER 3D customer:  "You need a response that is ABOVE EXCELLENT, LASER 3D is first class" 



Experience counts

Why do LASER 3D customers respond so highly?  Find out how LASER 3D can exceed your expectations, contact your local LASER 3D office today!

*Details of survey and testimonials are kept within our marketing department. For further information, please contact us.

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